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COVID-19 Situation in Africa

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NOTE: This is currently a work-in-progress

This dashboard is intended for internal use by PERC partners to identify growing or widespread COVID-19 outbreaks. More →

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Continent overview

Cumulative Cases

Daily New Cases (7d avg)

week-over-week change

Cumulative Deaths

Daily New Deaths (7d avg)

week-over-week change

Cumulative Tests

Daily New Tests (7d avg)

week-over-week change

Hotspot Warning Levels

Warning Level 0: Gray

No data available.

Warning Level 1: Green

Relatively low spread and no evidence of a growing outbreak.

Warning Level 2: Yellow

A moderate outbreak or the possible start of a growing outbreak.

Warning Level 3: Orange

A widespread or growing outbreak.

Warning Level 4: Red

A very widespread or fast-growing outbreak.

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