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Epi Week: 20/09/2021 - 26/09/2021

Most Recent Epi Data 15/09/2021
Most Recent Testing Data 15/09/2021
Warning iconCurrent Situation

Cameroon is currently experiencing a severe crisis that may impact the reported data, so interpret results with caution. More information →

Cameroon has not reported Epi data since 15/09/2021. Current epidemiological situation is unknown.

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No data available.

Warning Level 0: Gray

Test-case ratio adjusted incidence

(New cases/1M/week)

No data reported

Warning Level 0: Gray

Trend in incidence rate

(Week-over-week change)

No data reported this week

Warning Level 0: Gray

Death rate


No data reported

Warning Level 0: Gray

Trend in death rate

(Week-over-week change)

No data reported

Variants of Concern Detected
Alpha(B.1.1.7), Beta(B.1.351)

For more information on variants, visit Africa CDC Institute of Pathogen Genomics’ SARS-CoV-2 sequencing dashboard.

Cumulative Cases Daily Cases (7d Avg) Cumulative Deaths Daily Deaths (7d Avg) Cumulative Tests Daily Tests (7d Avg)
88,183 0 1,411 0 1,966,787 0



Test Positivity


Cumulative Case Fatality

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